Opening up new opportunities for business

Expert assistance combining competencies in different business areas with the use of modern technologies and advanced tools for production optimization.

Join us to recharge
your business

By uniting the interests of our customers, partners,
employees and communities, together we do what’s
important for success.

Our purpose

is to create long-term, forward-looking relationships, through knowledge and quality services, as well as to help build trust in capital markets and economies.

Our values

are guarantees of rapid reaction to customer requests, high standards of business ethics and confidentiality, and responsibility for the solutions we offer.

Our task

is to help our customers grow, become more successful, more efficient, more productive due to the responsibility and awareness of the customers themselves.

We attract the best
people to work

We create the most comfortable environment for our employees, which allows them to fully reveal all the facets of their talent. We make consulting accessible and understandable by selecting experts and consultants with whom you speak the language you understand.

Solving problems in unexpected ways

Instruction Yard is a professional team of talented and motivated people.

Daily solving extraordinary and large-scale tasks of our clients, we help companies to develop and achieve strategic success. With our experience in classical consulting companies, we decided to take a fundamentally new approach to the format of the company and its management.

We have created an open agency model and use our own methodology for selecting experts and consultants in the market. We are open to cooperation, but we strictly control the customer-consultant-expert interaction with the help of legal documents and internal regulations.

MORE THan just a consulting agency

Experience and innovation at the heart of tomorrow’s promising business strategies.

Audit & Assurance

Our multidisciplinary teams deliver high-quality audits, innovate for value and transparency, and offer exceptional customer service. We work to manage risk, strengthen business functions and support the leadership needed to make informed decisions.


Based on our work with clients across industries and around the world, we identify the most important insights and apply integrated technologies in new ways to minimize business disruption, streamline workflows and achieve results faster.


We combine customer insight, innovative solutions, and extensive professional and industry knowledge to provide a wide range of consulting services of the highest quality in the field of taxation, taking into account the specifics of each company.

Finances & Banking

We cooperating with leading commercial and investment banks and finance companies to help you meet changing regulatory requirements. Accompanying transactions, solving complex problems in the field of valuation, financial modeling are all our top priority tasks.


Connect our legal service that will help solve your most serious problems, give you a quick consultation, help you independently prepare any standard documents and create reports, even if you do not have legal qualifications. What used to be a routine is no longer a hassle and saves you time.


Our technological capabilities will keep your eyes open and focused on the future. From helping you digitalize your business, to implementing modern tools and practices to improve efficiency in IT platform development, we create next-generation solutions to keep you ahead of your competition.

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